3 Things to Know When Visiting Florence

Are you planning to visit Florence soon? You just made the wisest decision by taking the time to read through this article. Here, we have all your worries covered by highlighting some of the things you must know when visiting this prestigious famous tourist destination site.

1. Taxis services in Florence are costly

Summer is hereby approaching, and you plan to visit Florence, yet you have financial challenges, you better change your destination as early as possible. If it’s a must you visit Florence, yet you can’t raise tax money, you must brace yourself to walk.

Ideally, Florence is a walkable city though many people opt to use a taxi as they are luxurious and more fun. It’s nice to note that if you’re visiting Florence in a group of four, the cost of a taxi is cheaper as you can cost-share.

2. Florence is melting hot on summers 

I discourage people from Florence in the summer. The place is small in size, super hot, and to add insults, the town has hundreds of thousands of tourist who tend to shoot the temperatures even higher. If you can withstand winter which comes in January, then do so for tours about Florence. On January, since few people go there, the place is less congested and extremely cheap. Apart from January, you can go there on October-November as the weather seems cloudier. 

3. Only eat at Florence Cuisine 

People visiting Italy make the biggest mistake by thinking that the only thing to eat is either pizza or pasta dishes. Each city has its special meal as well as a type of food you can try. When in Florence, you can try to eat the Bistecca, Florentine streak, Tuscan soup, Lampredotto which are well-cooked intestines. Meals from Florence cuisines are cheap and yummy to both native and visitors.  


Florence is the very best tourist attraction destination to visit. To be on the safe hands, carry with you enough cash- yes, I mean hand cash since most Italians are not people to trust on credit card or debits – read article on famous buildings in florence italy.

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